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woman a win. is a game show gift of giving on the way? and down to the wire. the last minute rush is on. round the clock shopping to get all those gifts. we'll tell you where to get the last minute secret deals to delight everyone on your list. and a good monday morning to you, america. which is also to say, a happy and merry christmas eve. george and robin both celebrating the holiday with their families. glad to have amy robach, paula faris here. >> thank you, everyone. we have so many stories to tell you this morning. including the surprising story of this woman. she's accused of being, we're not making this up, too sexy for her job.
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her boss said she was too distracting and was actually threatening his marriage. she's the one who lost her job, not him. we have great news to share with everybody. the best news of all. sam champion, everybody, getting married over the weekend. >> thank you. >> to rubem robierb, now rubem robierb-champion. it was the most beautiful ceremony. and robin looks fantastic. >> how does your hand feel? heavier today in. >> it feels odd. you have to get used to it, right? it takes how long? >> 15 years. give or take a few. >> seriously, congratulations. >> congratulations, we love you, and we love rubem. >> it was a wonderful night. a wonderful night. thank you for having us.
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we're going to start this morning talking about rough holiday travel. can we go ahead and get into it? >> i think so. >> this delivers snow. show you how it started. the pictures out of the california sierras. almost six feet of snow since fri friday. the flooding pictures as well. sonoma county. san francisco, five inches of rain in the month of december. more than twice they would normally see. this is a wet and rainy time of the year often. but this is a little bit unusual. here's where the system drags in the tough severe weather over the next couple of days. from houston to dallas. know that tomorrow, this spreads in. we're a little concerned there might be a tornado outbreak in the heavy red shaded area. 30 tornadoes since we have been
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keeping records in the 1950s have broken out in that christmas daytime period. we may see the christmas storms as well. this is where the snow will roll here. 5 to 10 inches of snow. actual la, little rock, i don't remember when little rock had christmas day snow. 1926 was the last time. now you have seen the boards. this is likely to be a travel trouble. alex perez is standing by in chicago o'hare. >> reporter: the first big wave of holiday travellers got their start over the weekend. the second wave will begin soon. along with the front of bad weather looking to spoil christmas plans and the next several days for millions. from san francisco to syracuse, many around the country are finding their holiday travel plans ruined. a huge snowstorm on the west coast hit northern california hard, causing hundreds of delays and canceled flights in and out
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of san francisco. with the average delay lasting over two hours. the high winds and severe conditions have left many drivers in the sierras unable to stay on the road. >> the roads are pretty bad. there was a loft spinouts. >> reporter: major snow is expected to bring snowfall to oklahoma tonight. complicating travel for the sooner state three years after santa brought a record-breaking 14 inches of snow on christmas eve, shutting the roadway down for the eving. >> we have family trying to come up from oklahoma. they turned around and went back. >> reporter: cities like cleveland, detroit, st. louis, chicago, just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the season, the day after christmas, when tense of millions of americans will be on the move. people in central new york woke up to blajts of snow this morning, jamminging up roadways for hours.
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and that storm will hit the bid zi northeast corridor by thursday. if you're planning on traveling through there by week's end, be ready for delays. now to the mad dash to the mall. race against time. this kres mas eve for the millions of people not finished shopping. i might be among them. abc's john schriffen is in the middle of it all in the big toys "r" us store in times square. can i give you a list? >> it's not too bad inside. for all the procrastinators who have not checked off the shopping lists just yet, you and we have really done it again. but this year, you might have the upper hand. finding the best deals by waiting until the last minute. as we look inside, people are going in right now, you can see inside this store, there are not many people. this could be a good time to head to the stores.
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♪ >> did you find everything okay? >> reporter: with just hours until christmas, the madness at the mall is in full swing. >> the strategy is to come earlier. a little bit. you know, have a good list. >> gift cards are the strategy. >> reporter: as frenzied masses flood the shopping centers today, hunt for the perfect gift, and troll for bargains. >> you spend $100, you get $25 off. >> reporter: 10% of americans have waited until now to buy the final item. why? >> gnat is a good question. i question my wife would be better answering for me. >> it works for me. i do it quick and efficiently. >> reporter: if you have the pie peace of mind to do the shopping today, there are deals. >> it's a great time to come out.
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>> you start to hand out the discounts because they don't want the excess inventory. >> reporter: some chains have embraced shopping marathon mentalities. the toys "r" us times square location has been opened if more than 500 hours straight, closing finally at 10:00 tonight. if you have had it with crowds and scores, there's hope on the web. a gift card, an e-book and online sup description is easy. >> you could pull the, i left my gift at home card, and wait until the 26th to shop. >> reporter: unlike black friday, a lot of people had to wait online for hours for the dealbusters. many of the deals will not expire. wait until "gma" is over, then come to the stores. >> good to know. i'm stressed out about how many
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presents we still have to buy today. >> when we gave that number, 10% still left to buy, i questioned that number. we're going turn now to the looming fiscal cliff. eight days until we head over it, when just about everyone's taxes will go up. rather than moving together, the two sides seem to be literally moving further apart. the president in hawaii for the holiday, congress left the capital with no deal in sight. jon karl is in washington. they needed to get it done before new year's to see this thing get done. has the time to have that happen already passed? >> well, it's getting -- there's not much hope out there. i gotta tell you. just over a week left, josh. and the speaker of the house and the president did not even speak over the weekend. the last time they had a
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conversation was a brief phone conversation on friday. no signs of progress on anything since then. there wasn't much before, as you know. now the white house is looking at a fallback plan. just a stop-gap bill they're hoping congress would do that would delay the tax increases on people making over $250,000 from going into effect. it would extend unemployment benefits and delay spending cuts going into effect on january 1st. even accomplishing that will be difficult. congress comes back two days after christmas. that gives them four dice come to an agreement and pass something. not an easy task. >> so we know what it means for the average men. what happens in washington if we go over the cliff? >> the biggest question here is, big tax increases for everybody. the automatic spending cuts to the pentagon have huge ramifications. and most economists would say if
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this happens, there's major risk that the economy goes back into recession. >> jon karl, not the news we wanted to hear. thank you. now to paula faris with the top stories. good morning. >> merry christmas eve to both of you. good luck with the shopping. >> we need it. we begin in afghanistan. for the first time ever, a female officer is the one who opened fire. an afghan policewoman shot and killed a u.s. military adviser just outside the police head quarters in kabul. vietnamese fishermen rescued a florida man on a disabled yacht. he and three others were towing the yacht from the philippines when the tow rope broke. a senator from idaho is
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apologizing this morning after he was arrested over the weekend for driving drunk. mike crapo has said previously he does not drink. there's no evidence this morning we don't feel good about the economy. a new abc news/"washington post" poll finds that three-quarters of americans say we're in a recession. half are optimistic about the new year, but that's the least in a decade. santa is ready to leave the secret workshop location in the north pole. there are two places two track him online. norad and for the first time, google. finally, a police officer is being called a hero this morning after rescuing a drowning woman. he did it under the absolute worst conditions an against all odds.
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it takes protect and stoerve a whole new level. this cell phone video shows boston police officer edward norton jumping into frigid waters to rescue a drowning woman. he was weighed down by his bullet-proof vest but says, he didn't think twice. >> i feel like i did what i would expect someone else to do for one of my loved ones. >> reporter: the frantic woman was desperately clinging to a raft. she said she fell into the water during a torrential downpour. [ sirens blaring ] with a little help from a life preserver thrown to him from shore, he was able to keep her calm and above water until firefighters arrived. >> she kept saying, i can't hold on, i said, hold on, hold on, hold on. >> reporter: everyone made it out of the water safely. there was one casualty.
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officer norton said his wedding ring slipped off when he jumped in. he roe or not, his wife has marching orders for him. >> um -- make sure you get a new one. >> that wouldn't seem like anything good for most men. but for the females, we would love to get one, like half a karat, right? now to a town in need of christmas cheer. and getting it from around the country. newtown, connecticut, is facing an extremely difficult christmas. but the nation has opened its heart to this town on this holiday. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's a cruel irony for newtown this christmas. in the midst of this season of giving, a town still reeling from so much lost. residents are finding no shortage of prayer, comfort, and kindness. during this season of giving,
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the people of newtown, connecticut, have been overwhelmed with love and support for the holidays. >> you do what you can. everybody does a little bit. and it means a whole lot to everybody. >> reporter: the newtown post office has been flooded with gifts, letters, and prayers. incredible sprinkles of love from all over the globe. >> i think i saw brazil, australia. anybody in newtown who needs a hug. it's amazing. >> reporter: at the local town hall, there are mountains of donated toys. and hurricane sandy victims wanted to spread the joy. >> we have had so much help, we wanted to pay it forward. >> reporter: and the people of newtown agree. asking supporters in lieu of gifts, to perform 26 acts of kindness. from giving away pies -- >> straight out of the oven >> reporter: or this reporter who help a woman with groceries and taught a kid how to ride a bike. >> got it? >> reporter: a reminder of the greatest gift of all, love and
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care for one another. and the numbers really do tell the story here. a local resident has organized a toy give away for surviving sandy hook students. so far, more than 60,000 stuffed animals and thousands of toys have been collected. an uplifting start to a long process of healing. josh, back to you. >> lovely thing to know that so many people are out there. a christmas mystery solved. rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may have had a shiny red nose. but, wait -- there's actually a new study, by dutch and norwegian scientists that reveals why. if you don't believe me, there's nick watt. ♪ rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose ♪ >> reporter: he's the most renowned of reindeer. the star of song and screen. ♪ all of the other reindeer used
7:16 am
to laugh and call him names ♪ >> reporter: but, there's a whispering campaign. is are yrudolph just another dr? reindeer have lots and lots of vessels going their snout to keep them cozy. that's why rudolph's snoez red. so then why don't prancer, dancer, et al., also have glowing noses? >> sorry. >> reporter: try again? >> rudolph is the front of the sleigh, in the dreekt line of earth turbulence. he would need to keep his nose warmer than the rest. >> reporter: we caught up with a couple of reindeer in annen natural habitat. a california beach. it looks warm. >> yes, very. he's got fur on his nose. most deer don't have that. >> reporter: he's got hairier nostrils than my grand dad.
7:17 am
if he was going to fly, he needs wings? >> no, they have magic. >> reporter: which takes us back to square one. it's all magic. let's just leave it at that. ♪ you would even say it glows >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> he breaks the air, it flows around the other, he takes the brunt of it. >> you're our rudolph in more ways than one, samuel. >> i'm not sure what that means. >> it's not. >> break the air. >> i'm walking over here. we'll talk about the storm pattern that will make you want to stay at home all week. almost all of the country will get punched away in one way or the other. the first one that exits gives the snowy edge, the opportunity for snow. moving in to massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire, on to northern me, a possibility here. the next round will kick an
7:18 am
awful lot of snow for oklahoma into arkansas as we have been mentioning. and the violent storm outbreak probably into the deep south. something we have to watch. keep up with your local abc stations. behind this, we're not down with it yet. in comes the burst of cold air. 24 below in fargo. rapid city feels like 11, north platte feels like 12. this is a real punch of arctic-like air. there's the area of severe storms to watch today. that little zone from texas to louisiana.
7:19 am
just to point out, the season's in perfect shape when arch raj is 19 and honolulu is 80 degrees. still to come here, her boss said she was too attractive to work with. was a threat to his marriage. so he fired her.
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creek. the driver ran from his car midnight officers chased him near the college of marin an officer saw him jump into the creek. officers called out a rescue team but they found no one. police believe the suspect either drowned or got away. sue is off this morning. i'll be checking traffic for you. we start with a look at highway 121 between 116 and 37, the highway still closed due to flooding. they hope to have it reopened around 9:00 this morning so we'll keep you informed about that. 101 san rafael live picture, the sun is up and traffic is light. as is most of the bay area this christmas eve morning. when with we come back mike tells us with when the next
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welcome back. east bay hills camera, east bay valleys, mount diablo barely a cloud live doppler is dry this morning. thankfully, it will be that way another 36 hours. fog thickest napa, santa rosa,. tomorrow afternoon rain
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ like the mistletoe a festive holiday crowd here this times square, albeit a chilly one as well. we bid you all a good morning, america. george and robin enjoying the family today on this holiday. great to have amy robach and paula faris with us. >> thank you so much. and this morning, the wheel of misfortune, losing out on thousands of dollars for how she pronounced one word. fair or unfair?
7:30 am
i know what we all think here. wait until you hear it. it's fairly outrageous for those of us who have lived down south for a bit. >> unfair. >> unfair. >> you do. absolutely. this is not unfair at all. this is going to help a lot of us. let's face it. we're down to the wire, people. it is -- everyone here is in trouble except me, which, i know, sam, doesn't surprise you. i'm wrapped and ready. >> you're wrapped and color-coded. >> you're wrapped? everything? >> who spends their fourth of july holiday wrapping christmas gifts? >> i have been known to buy in summer sales. >> when were you finished? >> early. but, if you're not, "gma" has great tips for you. places you can still, today, last-minute, go and shop and grab really good deals. we have a list. stay with us. we're checking it out. is ma in her kerchief and i
7:31 am
in my cap? our all-star version. never heard it like that before. >> no, never. >> sounds terrific. first this story. the dentist who fired his long-time assistant because he says she was too attractive. she's had a spotless employment record, she had no romantic interest many him in him at all. but the judges backed the boss. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. you remember the song i'm too sexy? apparently, it's too sexy for your job. parentally, you can can a person for being ir resistibly attractive. imagine being fired because you're just too sexy. that's what 32-year-old melissa nelson said happened to her. after working for a den tis for ten years, he fired her because she said she was a threat to his
7:32 am
marriage. >> i'm devastated. i really am. >> reporter: she says she was shocked when her 53-year-old boss said he was afraid he might start an affair with her. on friday, the all-male iowa supreme court ruled that employers can give an employee their walking papers if they believe there is an irresistible attraction. >> after work something many years side by side, i had no idea that that would have crossed his mind. >> reporter: both knight and else in reason married with children. she said she looked at her employer as a father figure, until the last few months of her employment saying her clothing were too tight. he spoke of her sex life by saying, that's like having a lamborghini in the drive way and never driving it. >> i think the woman in iowa
7:33 am
should probably start to go to work in burqas afraid that their bosses might find them attractive and terminate them. >> reporter: knight's lawyer said she was not terminated because of her gender but in the best interest of the dentist's marriage. this is not the first time an employee was fired because she was too hot. >> the worst feeling was knowing that h.r. was not there to help me. but to help citibank. >> reporter: they insist she was terminated for poor job performance. nelson said knight's wife discovered texts between nelson and knight. nelson said the texts were innocent but the dentist's wife demanded she be fired. >> it's sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the workforce.
7:34 am
>> reporter: knight says nelson's clothing was too tight. she says, she simply wore scrubs. he says the decision to fire her resulted from advice from his pastor. >> now we're joined by sunny hostin. what do you make of this? >> i'm horrified. i'm horrified when i take my lawyer hat off and put my woman hat on. i believe she was sexually harassed and discriminated against. had she been male assistant, would she still have a job? of course. >> a big part of this problem, her attorney says, the supreme court in iowa was all males. >> yeah, i agree with that. think that's why we have diversity and need it on the benches and in our courtrooms. if there had been a woman on that seven-judge panel, i would think that a woman would say, hey, wait a minute.
7:35 am
this smells like discrimination to me. and we want our judges to bring their experiences to the table and to the courtroom. that just didn't happen here. >> if this is unfair, why is her attorney not appealing? >> i don't think her attorney can get anywhere outside of iowa. this was the supreme court of iowa. that makes it so crazy and scary. there's nowhere to go. >> would you appeal? >> i sure would. but i'm such a scrappy firgt, right? i would. i think this sets the tone. are we in madmen-ville again? women can't be attractive and work? we need to send the message this cannot be tolerated anymore. you're an at-will employee. you can be terminated for no reason or any reason at all, but it can't be a discriminatory reason. i believe the court got it wrong. >> is this discrimination? we know there is age, gender,
7:36 am
race? this is new territory. according to the dentist, he fired her to save his marriage. >> it's so ridiculous. she was a wonderful employee, by all continues, by his account. he fired her because he found her too attractive. where are we? >> i hear you. where are we, sunny? sam, some weather, please? >> we can. that sure doesn't sound right. pictures out of syracuse. you think it's always snowing there this time of the year. they picked up 11 inches of snow. they're 20 inches below normal so far for this time of the year. this is the time you get an opportunity to pick up snow. it means all the lake areas. buffalo, syracuse. boston on the edge. boston, new york, all the way into phil flip the coasten areas get warming from the water, they
7:37 am
might not see snow. inland areas will. here comes to area of high pressure on the west coast. it's a day-long, maybe day and a half long break before the next system comes in. enjoy the drir air in san francisco all the way almost to >> all of america's weather, right there, brought to you by nexus seven. >> thank you, sam. wheel of misfortune? did a contestant's accent cost her thousands of dollars on the popular game show? and attention christmas procrastinators. you know who you are. we'll show you the laces you can still shop for the last-minute gifts. there are good ones. stay with us right here on
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♪ abc easy as 1, 2 3rks we're back now at 7:42. and the game show, "wheel of fortune" is in hot what they are morning. the legions of viewers are crying foul after a contestant lost because of the way she pronounced a word.
7:42 am
john muller is here with the details. >> reporter: she has every right to be bitter, but she's not. renee becoming a national sensation. the scrooges in this case, the judges on the game show "wheel of fortune." many say she was robbed of thousands of dollars because of a pronunciation technicality. >> $300. >> "s." >> yeah, four of them. >> all right. >> reporter: here it is one more time. >> "n." >> three "ns." >> reporter: renee is up. seven swans a swimming. >> i would like to solve. >> seven swans a swimmin'. >> that's not the -- >> swimming. >> let's go to the instant replay one more time. >> and there's a "g." >> i would like to solve.
7:43 am
>> yep. >> seven swans a swimmin' -- >> yeah, that's -- >> swimming. >> can't accept that. >> i'm from florida. i think regionally, everybody has a little bit of their own, someone from new england will have a different type of speech than i do, being in the south. >> reporter: renee's been classy to the end. but the fans are angry. shame on you, wheel of fortune, to rob that lovely military woman on that technicality. sorry america, frigin' and frigging are two different words with two distinct pronunciations. this couple lost $800,000. on abc's "who wants to be a
7:44 am
millionaire jts this guy lost when he guessed lake huron was the second biggest great lake. he was right. he was brought back and took home over $100,000. ? is the wheel case, the word swimmin' was judged to be vernacular. >> it wasn't his decision. it was the judges'. that was fine. >> reporter: i'm glad that that lady is in good spirits and had a wonderful experience. >> enjoy it. have fun. share some laughs. meet some people. >> reporter: we continue to reach out to the show for comment. even scrooge got a second chance on christmas eve. many are hoping renee night get a too-over. >> i'm hopin' and prayin'. >> wheel of fortune. >> give her the money, not a
7:45 am
second chance. pay her the money. >> she's a better woman than i. >> just because she's a little southern, she shouldn't be penalized for that. >> it's like good mornin', america. >> she had the "g" on the board! sorry. >> we're outraged. coming up, "play of the day." we're going put your knowledge, christmas carol knowledge to the test. you to know the words to oh christmas tree? >> freeze it! ♪ freeze frame freeze frame [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> we have a special present on "play of the day" today, lara's mom. >> mom. >> hey. okay. i have a feeling you might be the only one who knows what i'm about to ask. christmas eve, what is better than christmas carols, knowing the words to said carols. we have realized it may be tough. who knows -- oh christmas tree. ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree ♪ >> mark, your pictures are lovely, too. >> look what we did out there. ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree da da da da da da da ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas
7:50 am
tree ♪ ♪ da da da da, da da da da, ♪ da da da da, da da da da ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree, na, na, na ♪ ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ ♪ owe christmas tree oh christmas tree, how ever green your branches ♪ ♪ oh christmas tree oh christmas tree, your branches are unchanging ♪ >> no. >> no? >> it might have be a second verse. ♪ oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♪
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good among. nurses are staging a one-day walk out at several facilities. protesting wage cuts and changes to working conditions this is the latest walkout in an ongoing contract dispute the action affects most facilities in the bay area, sutter is using replacement nurses. mike has our forecast. dry, good morning. sun behind you what you will see right now live doppler 7 hd still sitting, waiting for
7:56 am
the next storm tomorrow, fog afternoon napa and santa rosa now thickest there. partly cloudy this afternoon, mid 50s, rain tomorrow afternoon. sue is off today here's traffic. remember, if you use mass transit today, muni on saturday schedule, ace closed. the others are on time with no delays. 121 open after flooding this morning shut it down. the news continues with "good morning america."
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ just hear the sleigh bells jingling ♪ smiling faces. >> delivering presents. >> look at that. >> nicely done. >> wow, that's impressive. >> boy, they are happy. we're not sure why, because it's freezing out there. happy day before christmas. george and robin celebrating at home with their families. glad to have paula and amy with us. also this morning, you may be wondering,
8:00 am
why do i have a purple belt, an amethyst necklace and a potato? here on the desk. i have no idea. so it will be fun for all of us. >> it has something to do with christmas wrapping. >> it has something to do with christmas wrapping. what that has to do with the potato is anybody's guess. >> why we're showing a bottle of wine and this stuff. >> i will tell you. >> it's down to the wire. and we're giving you some ideas for gifts for people. >> we're gift-wrapping. we're having a throw-down. everybody here is -- >> a challenge. >> everybody here is wrapping gifts. >> i wonder who is going to win. >> you like them done. >> i'm not good at wrapping. i just wrap. >> you're good at buying. >> we know the real deal. okay, anyway, becky worley will be here to tell us the secret places you can find great gifts at great deals. even tomorrow, she claims you can get a gift, if you're the ultimate procrastinator. and a brand new take on a christmas classic. you may have heard it a thousand times before in your life, but you've never heard it like this. our star-studded version of
8:01 am
"'twas the night before christmas." >> some of the biggest names helping us out with that classic. it really put us in a great holiday mood this morning. i will tell you, one of my favorite gifts of the year, being there when sam and rubem got married on friday night. just a beautiful moment. beautiful. there's a shot. it was very intimate, very special, very heart-felt. and robin roberts looked so good. >> stunning in red. >> and she delivered one of the most special moments. >> she read a beautiful poem. it was wonderful. thank you. >> congratulations, sam and rubem. >> very happy for you. >> sam, i just -- i just got you a little something. >> a last-minute wedding gift, a potato. >> he baked it first. >> sam, while you compose yourself after such a lovely gift, let's turn now paula with a look at the -- >> where do we go from there? violence on this christmas eve from upstate new york. where four firefighters have
8:02 am
been shot at the scene of a fire, and two are confirmed dead, it happened early this morning, in webster, new york, a suburb of rochester. two firefighters are in guarded condition. no further information on the suspect. and there are increased fears this morning about running off the fiscal cliff. the deadline for preventing tax hikes and government spending cuts is just one week from today. the president and congress return to washington later this week. it's likely they'll work right to new year's eve. one possibility is striking a deal on taxes but leaving the spending for later. overseas now, where an american has been killed by an afghan policewoman. the attack took place at police head quarters in kabul. where there have been similar insider attacks, this is the first time a female security officer has been involved. the nra is not backing away from its call for armed officers
8:03 am
in our nation's schools. and the group vows to fight any effort by congress to strengthen gun control laws. now congressman chris murphy, whose district includes newtown, calls the stance "tone deaf and revolting." a real christmas gift, it would be getting to where you're going on time today. storms are causing major travel trouble throughout the nation. it's not only trying to get through snow-covered roads. rain and wind are grounding flights in the warmer parts of the country as well. and finally, christmas will be a good time to do a little star-gazing. jupiter and the moon will be very close together in the sky and very bright. you'll be able to see them even in urban areas. the star of bethlehem may have been a similar astronomical event. i'm told you have to look to the east-southeast sky. wherever that may be. you'll see a bright silvery star. on christmas night. you can tell the children, it's santa returning to the north pole. >> will we be able to see it?
8:04 am
isn't it going to be cloudy? >> we're going to have a few clouds in this part. other folks will be able to see it. >> there will be pictures of it. >> thanks for the debbie-downer. >> the upper though? mom. mom. >> mom is here to assist, as he has done my whole life. so this is a special edition of "pop news." >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's do this. all right, here we go. we begin with the queen of england, who's almost as cool as my mom, 86 years young. such a techie. doing her annual christmas greeting for the first time in 3-d. she's wearing the glasses. you can't see, hopefully we have a close-up. on the side of the glasses, a sparkling "q," which, as you know, stands for queen. >> queen. >> thank you very much, mom. after she recorded her message, she watched it in 3-d and declared it absolutely lovely. okay. there you go. >> go, mom. go, mom. >> a little timing issue. page two. thank you, mom.
8:05 am
if you need some last-minute shopping advice, an unlikely source, lady gaga is here for you. mother monster posted some great tips on twitter over the weekend. including this one -- if you're in a christmas pinch go to vintage shops, yes, yes, yes, most have archive jewelry from the '50s and so affordable. great presents. i thought that was a great tip. and she also tweeted this one. why do people look at me like i'm crazy when i use coupons at grocery or try bargaining at retail? i'm from new york, people. where's the sales rack? love it. and she's not crazy, she was born this way. >> ding. >> ding. [ bell rings ] >> final story. thank you so much, mother. >> we want mom to read. >> no glasses, no glasses. >> i don't have my glasses. >> she's assisting. final story. park city, utah, the place to be this holiday season. justin bieber and his on-again
8:06 am
gal, selena gomez are out there. reportedly staying at the same resort as taylor swift and harry stiles from one direction. seen here in these pics from tmz, they will head out from there to australia and hit the summer weather. a little sand, a little snow, not a bad way to spend the holiday season. and finally, it's time for the "pop quiz." so, think about it. think about some answers. do i have one more? do i have time? >> puppies. >> oh, puppies, yes. finally. here, hand me this. oh, thank you. finally, celebs are not the only ones having fun in the snow this holiday weekend. we found this video on pet sammy on youtube. we thought it was what we all needed this christmas eve. husky puppies, slow motion, santa hats. what could be better? >> nothing. not a thing. >> i almost missed that.
8:07 am
can you believe it? now, it's time for the "pop quiz." so where will prince william and kate be celebrating christmas? >> oh, i know this one. >> where? >> can i say it? >> no, no. >> it begins with an "m." >> the maldives. madagascar. montana. >> i can't tell you. >> michigan. >> oh, wait, oh, wait. >> let's think about it. we'll think about it and listen to sam's weather. >> mississippi. >> sam, you out there? >> we are. folks, look at this. i love it. and tell me the story. tell me. >> this is for my third grade students. i told them to watch this morning so they've all set their tvs to watch me on "good morning america" with sam champion. >> our viewership is up, ladies and gentlemen. take a look at the audience and their holiday signs. we start with -- i was going to hold off for the live shot from atlanta, if we could just -- i wanted to get -- there you go. now get everybody in.
8:08 am
all the way down, all the way down, all the way down, look at the crowd that's in times square on this christmas eve with us this morning. now how about the live shot out of atlanta. we'll tell you exactly what you're in for in the southeast today. certainly, yeah, looking okay at this vantage point. look at the maps here. we'll show you where the storms will be rolling today. we're a little bit concerned about how strong some of these storms might be. they roll from houston to atlanta. and then tomorrow, they kind of just keep rolling. in some cases, they pick up some steam. if you're in the deep south, definitely stay up with your local abc station. there may be one or two tornadoes tomorrow. elsewhere, a little snow in some locations, like little rock, arkansas, they haven't seen snow since the 1920s. may get a white christmas. or haven't had a white christmas since the 1920s.
8:09 am
>> if you're anywhere near times square, we'll keep you warm like jessica here. let's go back in to lara. lara? >> thank you so much, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma" morning menu. it's our up to the wire -- up to the minute, down to the wire shopping guide for christmas procrastinators one and all. plus, "'twas the night before christmas" in a very special way. it's our celebrity edition. it's fun. and fast and easy last-minute holiday dishes. all you need is five ingredients. sometimes less. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. coming up on "good morning america," live in times square.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
now the answer to our pop quiz. it was baffling everybody this morning. the question was, where will the duke and duchess of cambridge spend christmas. amy said, it starts with an "m." amy, you are kind of correct. i'm going work with you. i'm going to say at mom and dad's. her mom and dad's their bucking tradition and spending the holidays with the duchess's family in bucklebury. >> i clearly got it wrong. >> you got it right in my eyes. they had to ask permission from the queen to do so. it's a special treat.
8:13 am
she'll be with her family. we're wishing them a very merry christmas. great gift ideas from becky worley for you. stay with us on "gma." tell me that i did a good job. tell me we'll always be together. ♪ tell me i've still got it. that our traditions matter. tell me you love me for who i am. that you can't wait to be home. tell me you're glad i've joined your family. even if i can't be there this year. just tell me. [ female announcer ] for everything they need to hear, there's a hallmark card.
8:14 am
all right. the clock is now ticking. if you're one of the many
8:15 am
last-minute -- >> i'm done. i'm done. >> let's not judge. >> i do not. i don't. i sit here in love and -- >> five kids, five stockings. top that. >> i sit in love and with some solutions. actually, it's becky who has the solutions. becky, come on, talk to us, tell us what we need to know. >> you know, i'm not advocating it, lara, but it happens. every once in awhile, you need a couple more gifts. here you go. my last, last-minute desperate shoppers guide to finding gifts. it happened. you somehow forget to buy one or two or maybe any presents. it's christmas eve. yikes! this is not an optimal way to show others how much you care, i accept the challenge. let's do some seriously desperate last-minute shopping. first up, tons of stores are open today.
8:16 am
christmas eve. if you really can't do any shopping until tomorrow, all right. here goes. on christmas, you have your gas stations. your airport store ifs you're traveling. and also lots of convenience stores. there's more here than you think. some lottery tickets. $35 million? that's a great gift. candy, snacks. the key is packaging. channel your inner martha stewart. with a colorful box and careful arranging -- i call this one my guilty pleasures gift basket. you have your lottery tickets, your candy, and a slim jim. think my dad might want this. they may even have toys. oh! just crashed into the slurpee machine. many starbucks will also be open on christmas. a gift card, mugs, a christmas blend, a cd, you can make this work. theaters are open. so a gift card for movies and
8:17 am
popcorn as yummy packaging? my best desperate spot, pharmacies. some of the chains are open for most of christmas. elf karaoke. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ okay. kid stuff and as-seen-on-tv products. it's not an ipad, but i love my swivel sweeper. can you cut and arrange greens as a hostess gift? bake sugar cookies? i know, i know. we're all stressed out and tired this time of the year. but this simple stuff might be what it's all about any way. happy holidays, and good luck. i know, i get all schmaltzy this time of year. but it really is the thought
8:18 am
that counts, lara. >> indeed. you have something you can get to people you're not goik to be with. >> you can e-mail a gift card to people. if you go amazon or target or any of the big retarls. you put in the recipient's e-mail. walmart has a deal, you buy a $50 itunes gift card, but you only pay 40 bucks for it. it appears miraculously in their inbox. >> thank you, becky t. a lifesaver for so many. merry christmas. >> i'm knocking out christmas shopping. >> i love my slim jim, thank you. >> it's the thought that counts. >> we have more last-minute christmas shopping tips at "g "
8:19 am on yahoo! now for a special reading of "t'was the night before christmas." we rounded up an all-star cast. ♪ >> t'was the night before house. >> not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. because i have a cat right here. >> the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes at the st. nicholas soon would be there. >> and mama in her kerchief and i in my cap had just settled down for a long winter's nap. when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter. >> i sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. >> away to the window i flew
8:20 am
like a flash. >> tore open the shutters and threw open the sash. >> with a little old driver so lively and quick. i knew in a moment it must be st. nik. >> more rapid than eagles, his coursers they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name. >> what did he call them? >> johnny. fred. >> oh, i like fred. >>. >> to the top of the porch to the top of the wall. >> now dash away, dash away, dash away all. >> so up to the house tops the coursers they flew with a sleigh full of toys, oh, and st. nicholas, too. and then in a twinge ling, i heard on the roof. >> the prancing and pawing of
8:21 am
each little hoof. >> his clothes were all tarnishes with tinsel and soot. >> he looked like a peddler just opening his sack. >> his dimples how merry, his cheeks were like roses his nose like a cherry. >> his droll little mouth. >> the stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth and the smoke encircled his head like a wreath. >> he had a broad face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly. >> he was chubby and plump and i lafed when i saw him in spite of myself. a wink of his eye and a twist of his head gave me to know that i had nothing to dread. >> he went straight to work and under the with a jerk. and laying his finger aside of his nose and giving a nod, up
8:22 am
the chimney he rose. >> he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle. >> and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. >> but i heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight. merry christmas -- >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to all and to all a good night. >> and to all a good day. what a great job. >> oh, christmas tree. ♪ na, na, na, na, ♪ your branches are so nice a holiday mashup. from mather deejay steve porter. ♪ jingle all the way oh what fun it is to rock and roll with
8:23 am
"gma" ♪ ♪ this is a christmas miracle a christmas miracle ♪ ♪ this time of year is wonderful ♪ ♪ ♪ oh ♪ give me lots of holiday parties ♪ ♪ where do you want me ♪ this is the place to be >> oh, my gosh. ♪ i do know this ♪ let the gun begin. ♪ "gma" took it to a whole nother level ♪ ♪ i think you might like it ♪ just freeze it ♪ you have never looked better ♪ let's try this again ♪ jingle jingle jingle all the way ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland ♪
8:24 am
♪ the holiday mashup. the holiday mashup good morning, everyone ♪ ♪ we're going to give all kinds of good stuff ♪ ♪ carol of the bowls ♪ ♪ take a look, oh gosh, oh good everybody's good ♪ ♪ we're on the way we're on the way helping out this holiday ♪ ♪ "gma" the holidays ♪ naughty nice naughty nice ♪ four four four >> a big christmas greeting to robin roberts and the whole "gma" crew. >> you're blessed when your family are your friends and your family are your friends. >> now happy birthday to you. ♪ santa loves you
8:25 am
>> ding, ding, ding. ♪ what fun it is to rock and roll on "gma" ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ and to all a good night ♪ that was -- well done. coming up, an ultimate gift-wrapping challenge is about to begin. which is to say lara's about to judge all of us. >> i don't judge. i help. ♪ join us here right in times square santa will rock his rick shaw swerts compete singers sound sweet ♪ ♪ so cool and fun their first time together with robin ♪ ♪ "gma" rocks the holiday >> i gotta tell yo
8:26 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. developing news from the north bay police are about to resume search for dui suspect who jumped into a creek overnight the driver ran during attempted stop on sir francis drake at midnight officers chased him near the college of marin, an officer saw him jump into the creek. officers called out a rescue team. they didn't find the man. police believe he either drowned or got away. >> let's look at the morning commute. sue is off today. here we go! live look at golden gate bridge, traffic zipping along, light because it is christmas
8:27 am
eve, no problems. south bay highway 87 lighter, if that's possible no problems had there. sierra today chains required on 80 and 50. pack 'em and be prepared. coming back with mike and
8:28 am
still have fog quarter mile visibility, napa and santa rosa. everybody else okay mostly sunny now mid 30s santa rosa,
8:29 am
napa. upper 30s fairfield, partly cloudy this afternoon, 50s just about everywhere rain rolls in tomorrow afternoon with scattered showers wedne [ cheers and applause ] now, this -- this is a crowd, can i hear it, people? that's what i want. good morning to you, america. it's monday. it's also christmas eve. george and robin enjoying the holidays with their families. terrific to have amy robach and paula faris this morning. we're about to find out who, other than me, is challenged when it comes to wrapping gifts. we're going find out now make the outside of the gift as much fun as the inside, for those that bought them. plus, if you still have not
8:30 am
planned your dinner for christmas, help is here. thank you, gail simmons. she's going to show us now do it quick and easy. we're celebrating the spirit of the holidays with children in need having their greatest wishes coming threrue. >> that's beautiful. "american idol" champ and country singer scotty mccreery is going to sing for us. "gma" rocking the holidays. [ cheers ] that means it's time for the ultimate gift-wrapping challenge and the skinny mike. tom, a great resource for finding great solutions. emily bidwell showing us unique ways to wrap our gifts this
8:31 am
holiday. >> this is all about getting creative with simple ingredients found at home. try using cloth instead of pain person you can use fabric at home, like scarfs. we found them and thought it would make a nice bow. >> that looks lovely. moving along. the potato. i've been waiting all morning. the big reveal. >> make a stamp. cut a shape, we did a triangle. you can personalize this and make unique hand-made wrapping paper by stamping with this. >> that's terrific. i see a belt, a wine cork. >> you can use the tip of a phew pencil or a cork. >> a little bling. >> yeah. so, try using vintage brooches
8:32 am
to add the glam. and basically, just sitie it on. it's two gifts in one. >> i'm in. speaking of scoring, is everybody ready for the big challenge? >> we're not cheating over here. >> we're all, you have all the materials in front of you. at the end of a gift-wrapping challenge, the audience will be judging who has the prettiest wrapped package. 60 seconds on the clock. best of luck to our beautiful contestants. let's begin. >> they're off. >> lost the mike. >> what should we be looking for? >> looking for a good tie right now. >> let's see. >> sam has a lot of glue going. >> sam's going back to elementary school. >> beautiful. >> this is looking good.
8:33 am
>> and lara's mother is helping her. >> amy has a bus to catch. >> sam, what are we doing? >> i'm wrapping a present. >> sam, you're wrapping yourself. >> go away, go away. >> that's lovely. what could possibly go wrong there, champion? >> i have a plan. i have an idea. i have an idea. >> nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> walk away, walk away, walk away! hands up, hands up. america, we're going start here are amy, who has a forwest or a garden theme. n >> no, no, no. >> you have this. >> lara and mom.
8:34 am
>> no, i no, no, no. you were a hindrance. >> did you really -- >> you have to show to it the judges. >> audience? curls. no? no, nothing? >> they're booing. >> wait for the big reveal. oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> we have a winner. we have a winner. >> sam champion. >> i'm so sick of you, champion. [ crowd chanting ] >> all: sam, sam, sam, sam! >> ever since sam won the sweater thing, he's gotten very feisty. >> he apparently loves fruit cake. >> he puts the champion?
8:35 am
champion. we'll go, we'll see you. >> is that really -- is it time for weather? i love the skinny mike. i don't know what we're doing. i'm so involved in the winning. >> i'll handle it. >> we're doing, wait, we're showing you twitter and facebook pictures. >> you love the holiday lights, right? >> i do, i do. indianapolis with snow. a snowy side to this thing in the middle of the country and also a stormy side. there are some places that haven't seen a white christmas in a long time. arkansas. the possibility of getting a light flurry in dallas as well. our christmas towns, rudolph, ohio, santa, also north pole. a little christmas action as well. a quick look at the map. why should you move on christmas eve? let the map move and come to
8:36 am
>> foiled again! see, foiled. i can't -- >> haul that weather was brought to you by j.c. penney. >> oh, lara, josh? >> thank you. >> it was great. yes, we're going to walk over here right now and talk about the fact that there is only one day left before christmas. we have been getting into the holiday spirit all season long with the project near and dear to our hearts. about making dreams come true. today, time for the finale. >> macy's teaming up with make a wish. your child's wish list can
8:37 am
benefit a sick child in need. take a look at what happened. >> oh, my gosh! >> for the last 20 years, make a wash has been bringing smiles to kids of all ages by making wishes come true for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. this year, macy's joined in the program. >> in order to participate in the believe campaign, all anybody had to do was just write a letter to santa and for every letter received, macy's would donate a dollar to the make a wish foundation, up to $1 million. >> you ready to mail? >> the campaign has inspired children across the country to help out. >> fold the letters. right to the north pole, right? >> kids likes gab yeriella mill
8:38 am
who has a brain tumor. she collected over 75,000 letters to help other kids get their wishes, too. >> that simple act is able to have a tremendous impact. not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. >> throughout the holiday season, we have been lucky enough to be present while some of these incredible wishes have been granted. wishes to meet a favorite celebrity. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> come on, buddy. >> become a firefighter for a day. >> why is that there? >> hi. >> hi, emeril. >> how are you? >> even cook on television with their favorite chef. >> what are we making today? >> lasagna. >> yes! i'm in, i'm in. >> i had the best time of my life. i'll remember this forever. i can only thank everybody that's ever been involved.
8:39 am
>> thank you all. thank you all for writing letters to santa, dropping them off at macy's to benefit this year's believe campaign. we're thrilled to announce that because of you, macy's and make a wish reached the goal of 1 million letters plus. >> and how. for letters dropped off on national believe day, macy's is donating not one, but $2. macy's is providing a total of, wait for it, $1.5 million to make-a-wish. and thank you, to each and every one of you who did this and made wishes come true for so many children. to learn more, visit on yahoo!. we have more coming up. we have simple and simply delicious last-minute holiday
8:40 am
dishes, five ingredients or le
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we can't wait until christmas. we're counting down the days with "gma"'s 12 days of cooking. gail simmons, special projects director with "food & wine" is here. thank you for coming to the rescue, gail. >> sure. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> do not panic. it's almost christmas eve. so many things you can do. "food & wine" has tons of things five ingredients or less. >> your first is hogs in a blanket. what is that? >> it's delicious. >> they're amazing. >> that's how i like it. hogs in a blanket are a modern
8:44 am
twist. five ingredients. puff pastry. sausage. i have chutney. you can use mango, apricot, egg and must tar. i'm going to put a little egg wash right over one of the sides like that. >> to seal it? >> it will be to seal it. then i take my sausage. roll it up. that's all you do. put them on tray and put them in the freezer. i'm getting my frozen ones. >> frozen ones. >> i have to find them. >> i had no idea that worked. >> it does work. >> it's a work fridge. >> now he's really going in. the pastry gets soft. you want to firm it up.
8:45 am
cut it in half-inch pieces and put them in muffin tins. that will keep the shape. bake at 375 for 25 minutes. i put my mustard and chutney together in a blender. >> you have a side dish? >> i do. green beans, grains, bacon. salt and person. >> and it's wonderful. >> wow this has kick. >> and i have portuguese brigaderos. they're kind of a brazilian truffle. >> condensed milk, butter, you roll them into whatever you want. cook down the condensive himmie with a little bit of butter and chocolates. >> dip them in sprinkles. >> oh, my gosh.
8:46 am
we went a little crazy with the rainbow sprinkles. >> candy canes. >> and she wrapped them for us. >> how long does this take? >> each thing, with a little bit of bake time, these take 25 minutes to bake. you could be done with the meal in an hour. >> these are so delicious. this is incredible. and with the variety. >> three different sauce ajs. bratwurst, knockwurst and andouille. >> you can get the recipes on on yahoo!. coming up, scotty mccreery has a special holiday performance for us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
people just like you have all donated coats to help americans in need. >> it's time to go. >> go to or to any burlington coat factory store. >> i think i have a mustard seed. we're not done yet, folks. this morning, we have a gift from "american idol" winner. scotty mccreery. it's from his first holiday record. here he is with holly jolly christmas. ♪
8:50 am
♪ have a holly jolly christmas it's the best time of the year ♪ ♪ i don't know if there'll be snow ♪ ♪ but have a cup of cheer ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and when you ♪ ♪ walk down the street say hello to friends you know ♪ ♪ and everyone you meet ♪ oh, the mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ ♪ somebody waits for you kiss her once for me ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and in case you didn't hear ♪ ♪ oh, by golly have a holly jolly christmas ♪ ♪ this year go ahead! ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and when you walk down the street ♪ ♪ say hello to friends you know ♪ and everyone you meet ♪ oh, the mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ ♪ somebody waits for you kiss her once for me ♪ ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and in case you didn't hear ♪ ♪ oh, by golly have a holly jolly christmas ♪ ♪ this year ♪ oh, by golly have a holly jolly christmas this year ♪ ♪
8:52 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
we thank you for spending some of your holiday eve with
8:55 am
us. tell them what they can win. >> on christmas day, josh, you can watch nba games galore. two on abc and a total of five with our sister network, espn. we'll keep you glued to your tv all day long. >> can my mom just say she wanted to see how a present should be wrapped. >> that is what it's supposed to look like. >> there you go, mom. >> would you like to come over to my place later? >> after we have done our shopping. tomorrow, christmas day extravaganza. special guest, mario batali. thanks for watching. enjoy your holiday. >> merry christmas!
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. christmas eve. what does the christmas day forecast look like? lucky break now. good morning. live doppler showing how dry it is, a few clouds, a lot of sun, fog starting to lift in the north bay, low to mid 50s most of us, upper 40s to low 50s at the coast. rain will move in tomorrow afternoon, a little heavy at times during the evening. scattered showers wednesday. possibility of thursday and friday. dry for sure friday and saturday. here's the traffic this morning. first up, bay bridge toll and
8:59 am
man is it light, no metering lights, no delays. let's look at southbound 101 san rafael, once again light on this christmas eve. thank you so much for joining announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael," christmas eve special. today, academy award winner matt damon is here. and the undeniable queen of soul, aretha franklin, cooks up her favorite family holiday dish. and performs a true christmas classic. plus, we'll have a christmas karaoke sing-off with the jolly old man in red himself. all next on the emmy-award winning "live," christmas eve special. now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning made possible by

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